Our Curators


We all have those smart, savvy “go to” friends whose opinions and recommendations we value. So we reached out to over 50 savvy friends who we really, really trust. Together they know practically everything about New York City life, and agreed to share their finds and favorite places with you, just like they do with their BFFs. But shoosh, they don’t want their BFF’s to know they’re sharing those treasured finds, so we granted them anonimity.

But we will tell you that these are all accomplished women who have lived and worked in New York City for years. They have backgrounds in advertising, media, finance, fashion, education, retail and non- profits.  Many have or do run companies, or have started their own.  The curators includes stylists, designers, executives and entrepreneurs. Many are wives, moms, and some are grandmas. But what they all have in common is their love and enthusiasm for New York City and all it has to offer. And now they’re sharing it with you

Looking for Something You Don’t See Here? Ask the Curators.

questionIf you’re trying to find something specific in NYC and can’t find a listing for it in our Hot List , use the contact form on the right, and send us your request.  We will send your request to our curators and get back to you with at least one suggestion within 48 hours. .